Green Coffee Bean Extract

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green Coffee Bean ExtractGreen coffee bean extract is different from the typical coffee bean. Typical coffee beans are roasted. That is why drinking a cup of coffee will not produce the same results as taking the green coffee bean extract supplement.

Green coffee bean extract comes from unroasted coffee beans. The extract contains chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant that provides significant health benefits.

When coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid in the coffee beans is reduced, therefore reducing the level of health benefits.

Importance of PURE Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr. Oz recently highlighted green coffee bean extract on his television show. Dr. Oz emphasized the importance of PURE green coffee bean extract. With the new craze of green coffee bean extract, some companies might try to cash in on the sudden success of the supplement.

However, it is important to understand that only PURE green coffee bean extract will provide the desired health and weight loss benefits. It is necessary to look at the label and ensure there are no additives. The correct product is pure and all natural.

green coffee bean extractDr. Oz also tends to be skeptical about different products that are out on the market.

Since he might have been a bit skeptical and perhaps others were as well, he had a couple of women try out PURE green coffee bean extract for five days. Both women did nothing different and managed to a lose a significant amount of weight in the five days they took the supplements.

They took the recommended dosage and reported to have more energy and have a loss in appetite.

Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Not surprisingly, the number one health benefit of green coffee bean extract is weight loss. No only do people lose weight, but they lose weight quickly. Studies show that weight begins coming off during the very first week of taking the supplement. Though it is a small percentage, every little bit adds up.

Another health benefit of green coffee bean extract is that it decreases blood pressure. It is no secret that high blood pressure and obesity go hand-in-hand. As the weight starts to come off, the blood pressure starts to naturally lower. This is a huge health benefit as many people suffer from high blood pressure.

green coffee bean extractMany overweight people also have high cholesterol. Green coffee bean extract helps lower cholesterol. Considering high cholesterol can lead to heart disease, this is a great health benefit of green coffee bean extract as well.

In addition, green coffee bean extract contains antioxidants that remove toxins from the body. This could help with skin condition and signs of aging. Green coffee bean extract also increases energy.

This gives people the ability to be more active and overall allow for greater happiness. It is amazing to think that a natural supplement provides so many benefits to improve health.

What is the Best Brand of Green Coffee Bean Extract?

With many different companies promoting green coffee bean extract, it may be confusing on what brand it is the best. GreenCoffee Pure is the leading premium brand of green coffee bean extract. GreenCoffee Pure offers the highest quality product available.

green coffee bean extract

Their green coffee bean extract supplements are all natural, with no additives or fillers just as Doctor Oz recommends. All ingredients and dosage instructions are listed directly on the bottle for easy viewing.

green coffee bean extract